Codes & Standards
Our team has a wide range of experience conducting technical research, compliance reviews, and evaluation of energy codes and standards programs, employing a creative multidisciplinary approach that includes engineering, statistical, behavioral, and policy analysis. We can help utilities develop and adopt codes and standards programs as part of their portfolio planning.

We support utilities in the design and implementation of advocacy programs for codes and standards development, adoption, and compliance enhancement, identifying opportunities through which they can take advantage of associated savings standards that help meet DSM portfolio targets.

We also assist our clients in developing protocols for analyzing energy savings, compliance, and attribution to codes and standards programs, an area with significant stranded potential and still underutilized in many jurisdictions. However, states such as California have shown that the savings potential can be significant. Holly Farah, the CEO of Rouj, successfully led the impact evaluation of California’s Title 24 energy codes program for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), a groundbreaking study. She draws upon that experience to develop road maps incorporating codes and standards programs.