Energy Data Analytics
From whole-building smart meters to smart thermostats in the home, energy data permeates our modern day built environment. But all of this data is meaningless if not properly analyzed; this is why Rouj tailors its data analytical tools to suit each project’s context, goals, and available resources. Our in-house data scientists decode energy data by developing custom, scalable and regeneratable tools which automate the analytical process and increase accuracy by minimizing human error, saving time and costs for our clients. The methodologies and procedures we design undergo critical inspection by experienced impact evaluators to identify pitfalls early on in the study process, to prioritize high-impact data points, and to populate data gaps with the most reasonable and defensible assumptions.

Rouj’s services range from developing a comprehensive energy data analytics M&V road map to providing highly tailored evaluation services. In one instance, we customized specific energy data analytical services for electric utilities that had implemented an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) and sought to quantify the impact of their programs and enhance efficiency through a better understanding of energy use patterns. The success of that initiative led to a series of similar projects for other utilities. Our data analytical tools allow for balancing both the micro and the macro; some allow for high-level benchmarking, which may paint a helpful broad picture of energy use but provides less information about specific processes at a data center, for example. Other systems might provide insight on very niche manufacturing processes or other systems and are used in conjunction with big-picture metrics that can help add context.