Energy Data Management & Solutions
Rouj incorporates a data-driven management and results-oriented solutions process focused on industry best practices to support utilities in meeting their energy and program data tracking and management needs. Rouj’s proven data solutions and expert fulfillment services ensure client projects are managed seamlessly from beginning to end.

Data Hygiene Solutions
  • List Compilation
  • Merge/Purge
  • Filter/Reformat 
Analysis & Modeling Solutions
Using data analysis and proprietary predictive tools, we thoroughly examine customer and program/portfolio data sets. We use a proven approach to isolate and remove data "distractions,” add data points, and produce model outputs that allow effective data selection of the most valuable targets and improvement of data handling efficiency.
Database Design & Management
Efficient data management is crucial to accurate program/portfolio database tracking, analysis, and reporting. Leveraging our deep knowledge in impact and process evaluation, we prioritize high-impact data points tracking, identify gaps, and customize data management solutions for our clients to increase accuracy, maintain transparency, and ensure evaluability. In addition to tailored database design and management, Rouj offers web-based utilities for database access and response tracking. Some of the features of this web data access and reporting tool include:
  • Dynamic database access
  • On-the-fly customizable reports 24/7
  • Multilevel tracking
  • Controlled, tiered multi-user access
​Watch the video below to better understand our capabilities and data services, powered by Data Marketing, Inc., a unit of Almaden.