By leveraging Rouj's tools, strategies, and partner network, clients can reduce program costs and implementation timelines while increasing program efficacy. Through our program planning and evaluation services, we provide accurate, transparent, and consistent metrics that assess the performance and implementation of energy efficiency projects, programs, and portfolios of programs. Learn more.
By conducting cutting-edge market research and potential studies, Rouj helps utilities quantify energy efficiency resources in their territories and identify major opportunities for energy savings. Learn more.
With deep experience and expertise in building codes and appliance standards, Rouj’s staff has conducted hundreds of studies and evaluations to ensure compliance and assess energy savings. Learn more.
Rouj’s industry and regulatory specialists support and guide its clients through the regulatory and stakeholder process. Our team provides program design and impact filings, workshops, and testimony supporting electric utilities and regulatory agencies. Learn more.
Rouj tailors its technological tools to suit each client’s goals and available resources, helping to identify areas of inefficiency and implement targeted energy-saving initiatives. Learn more.
Rouj's data professionals can either assist clients with the development of their own data management processes or deliver a turnkey solution. Watch the video below to better understand our capabilities and data services, powered by Data Marketing, Inc., a unit of Almaden. Click here to learn more.