Why Rouj?
​Rouj Energy Analytics is a boutique, 100% woman-owned energy efficiency and renewable energy management consulting firm that specializes in providing subject matter expertise and leadership in a wide range of technical and engineering disciplines. Rouj conducts solid, in-depth, and defensible analytical, quantitative studies to evaluate the impact of energy efficiency and renewable measures implemented by demand-side management (DSM) programs and portfolios for residential and nonresidential sectors.

Rouj was founded and is led by Holly Farah, a building science expert with an extensive background in energy efficiency evaluation. She has over 15 years of experience conducting impact evaluations in different regulatory environments and climatic conditions across North America, has trained and mentored many engineers on industry best practices related to impact analysis and energy modeling, and has served as technical advisor and subject matter expert for a broad range of evaluation topics including energy codes and standards and net zero and outcome-based programs. Ms. Farah is a frequent speaker at prestigious industry forums in which she discusses the constantly evolving nature of energy efficiency and its effect on impact evaluation practices and requirements. Supported by a community of experienced engineers, statisticians, and data analytics experts, Rouj Energy produces quality research and clearly articulates and presents findings to its clients.

At Rouj, our philosophy is to maintain a client-focused perspective in a close-knit working environment. Rouj's professionals strive to look to the future and keep abreast of the latest analytical methodologies given the continual changes in federal standards, statewide building energy codes, and emerging technologies transforming the marketplace. Our staff understands that meeting savings targets is becoming more challenging, and that as traditional energy efficiency measures reach saturation, there is greater need to find deeper, more customized savings opportunities.

Rouj’s team builds upon its technical and benchmarking expertise to foresee and overcome obstacles by providing timely and practical information to the client, before it is too late and too costly to incorporate course corrections. Throughout the evaluation process, Rouj makes a continuous effort to keep its clients informed of impact findings, so that together they can find the best and most practical solutions for their customers.

​Rouj Energy Analytics provides consulting services in the following areas:
  • ​Designing the most appropriate impact evaluation methodologies by finding the right balance in accuracy of impact quantifications and project resources
  • Conducting detailed primary data collection and data logging (ASHRAE Level I, II, and III audits)
  • Engineering analysis of savings
  • Developing and reviewing statewide technical reference manuals (TRMs)
  • Designing statistically robust sampling frames to ensure sufficient representation of the total population
  • Energy modeling and calibration following the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Option D protocols using a wide range of energy simulation tools
  • Billing analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Assessing the feasibility of measure installation with regards to benefit-cost analysis and architectural/configuration limitations
  • Performing market baseline characterization studies
  • Conducting statewide potential assessments
  • Evaluating the impact of energy policies such as energy codes and standards
  • Setting up measurement and verification (M&V) protocols and conducting impact evaluations for measure-blind, performance-based, and net zero programs 

We use science and technology as a foundation to develop transformative solutions for regulators, utilities, and other organizations.